The ‘Edit’ Menu

The following options are available in the Edit menu.

Food search (Find)

Selecting food search allows you to search for a food product to add to the diary.

Add food from your favorites / favourites

This option will display a window with foods you have previously entered into your daily diary.

This can be a fast way to select foods you eat on a regular basis.

Add food from a group

This option will show the groups and recipe manager. The manager lets you create a new group or recipe, add and remove items from the group, and insert all, or a portion size (for example 1/8th) into the daily diary.

Add exercise

Add exercise lets you add activities to the diary. Activities can increase your calorie allowance, but should only be added where they are in addition to your activity level selected during setup.

If you want to change your current activity level please refer to the ‘change your goals’ section in the options menu.

Duplicate selected

Duplicate selected creates a duplicate (copy) of the currently selected item in the diary.

This can be either food or exercise, and once duplicated you can double click on the item to change the quantity.

Delete selected

Delete selected removes the currently selected item from the diary. You can also do this by selecting an item and using the delete key.


Copy places a copy of the currently selected item in the clipboard.

You can also use the copy item to copy food items between days and even between users.


Paste will paste the contents of the clipboard into the currently selected field.


Clear empties the currently selected box.

Clear does not delete a food item from your diary, for this use delete instead.

Update history

23 October 2009: Updated groups entry for version 3.2

5 thoughts on “The ‘Edit’ Menu”

  1. Is there a way to rename items in my favourites, such as changing ‘Diced Low Sugar Marmalade’ to Marmalade Diced, Low Sugar’ ?

    I have a number of foods where I have taken the name from the result of a search for New Favourites and they are all out of alpha in the drop down tab.
    Thank you

  2. The favourites window contains all the products you have added to your diary, so to rename a favourite add the product to the diary, then rename that product. The quickest way is probably to double click on the item in your diary to load the edit screen, then right click on the product name to change the name.

    The new renamed product will be added to your favourites and you can then tidy up your favourites and remove the original product entry.

  3. Previous versions allowed me to “Copy to today’s diary.” I highlighted the meal, right clicked, and selected “Copy to today’s diary.” VOILA!

    Right click is no longer bringing up the menu, and “Copy to today’s diary” isn’t available from the Edit menu. Please reinstate. This is a real time saver!

  4. Hi Debbie,

    Im sorry to hear you are having problems, the copy to today option should still be there.

    We will get an engineer to look at this right now!

    Our engineers have looked into this and found the issue. We will be issuing an immediate update (v3.4.0.1) in the next hour, this will correct the problem.

    If you use the ‘check for updates’ option in the help menu in around an hours time the update should be available.

    We apologise for any inconvenience.

  5. Fixed! I am overwhelmed by your attention, your quick fix! If only your crew developed all my software, what a wonderful world it would be!

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