Additional Software Options

There are a few options you may want to ‘set and forget’ so we have grouped these together under the additional options help tab.

Registering the Perfect Diet Tracker

The Perfect Diet Tracker has a fully functional 7 day trial period. To continue to use the software after the trial period you need to buy an unlock key to activate the full version.


Changing your settings

You can make changes to your user profile at any time, change your password, update your age, change what is displayed in the diary and more.


Changing your target weight loss and activity levels

You can set new targets and activity levels when ever you want.


Adding a new product to the database

The Perfect Diet Tracker has an extensive and growing database, however there are times when the product you are looking for will not be found in the current database and you will need to add the information.


Additional help for adding products within the US & Canada

Checking to see if you have the latest version

It is easy to check to see if you have the latest version of the software, or if an upgrade is available.


Working with alternative nutritional profiles

You can use the Perfect Diet Tracker to track any nutritional profile.


Backing up and restoring your data

We recommend you backup your data on a regular basis. The backup and restore options are also great ways to move your data between different computers.