Working with the Diet Tracker settings window

You can make changes to your user profile at any time, change your password, update your age, change what is displayed in the diary and more. User Profile Tab To make changes to your user profile, click on the ‘Edit Settings’ button in the main diary. The ‘User Profile’ tab lets you change the following: … Read more

The Food & Exercise Diary

The Perfect Diet diary is the ‘central core’ of the software, this is where most of your time using the software will be spent so it is worth taking a few minutes to go through the available options and learn what each option does. Getting familiar with the diary The diary can be broken down … Read more

Update your results, weight and measurements

You can update your results including your weight and measurements to keep track of your progress. We recommend you update your results on a weekly basis, however, you could update them as frequently as every day, or less often, it’s your choice. Loading the update results window. Click on the update results button in the … Read more

Change your target weight loss and activity levels

You can change your targets by clicking on the ‘Adjust targets’ option in the side menu of the main diary window or by selecting ‘Options’ from the top menu bar. Adjusting your targets To change your target weight simply use the arrows to change the value shown in the target weight box (1). The weight … Read more