Using the Diary to Track Your Diet

Using the DiaryThe daily diary is at the heart of the Perfect Diet Tracker, you will use it to track your diet on a day to day basis.

The following help topics will help you get to grips with the basic operation of the daily diary, and also introduce you to more advanced options to help to track your diet and achieve your goals.

Working with the Perfect Diet Tracker diary

Get up to speed quickly with a walkthrough of all the major sections of the main diary screen.

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Adding food to the diary

Adding food items to the diary is easy using the search and add product window.

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Adding exercise to the diary

You can add entries to the diary for exercise to give you a credit for the energy you have used whilst performing the exercise.

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Adding food from your favorites/favourites

The Perfect Diet Tracker automatically creates a database of your favorite/favourite foods so you can add them quickly in the future.

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Adding groups or recipes

You can group foods to create recipes or common groups of food you eat on a regular basis.

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The main menu

The main menu lets you access most functions within the software.

The File menu
The Edit menu
The Options menu
The View menu
The Help menu

Including internet search results

The Perfect Diet Tracker has an extensive built-in food database, however, to make the most of the software we recommend you enable the internet search feature to add specific search results for your location.

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Editing meal names

You can add a new meal name, or change an existing one to suit your requirements.

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Updating your results

You can update your results including your weight and measurements to keep track of your progress.

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