The ‘Options’ Menu

The following options are available in the Options menu.

Edit settings

If you want to change your user details after the initial user setup, you can do so by selecting this option.

You can change your password, age and height, country, the location of the data files and much more.

Update your results

The update your results option lets you update your current weight and track other measurements.

We recommend you update your weight on a weekly basis, this helps the software calculate the current daily calorie recommendation and keeps the results graphs up to date.

Change your goals (adjust targets)

If you want to alter the amount of weight you want to lose or gain, or perhaps increase or decrease your current activity level (for example you may want to increase your activity level if you are going on holiday and will do a lot of walking) you can do so by selecting the ‘change your goals’ menu item.

View your results

View your results lets you see your progress so far.

Change target nutritional profile

If you are working on a specific diet that has a different target nutritional profile to the default settings you can alter the target using this option.

You can also access this menu item by using the small ‘spanner’ icon to the bottom right of the target nutritional profile pie chart.

Internet search options

This option lets you turn the internet search option on and off.

2 thoughts on “The ‘Options’ Menu”

  1. I can’t work out how to get to lunch and dinner? I am stuck in breakfast!

  2. When you add a food there is a drop box box with the meal names, if you click on ‘breakfast’ the full list will appear and you can select a different meal. You can also right click on any entry in the diary and select an alternate meal there, and once you have multiple meals in the diary you can drag and drop items between them, so if you add an entry in breakfast by mistake you can simply right click, or drag and drop it into the correct meal.

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