Adding internet search results to the diary

The Perfect Diet Tracker has an extensive built-in food database, however, to make the most of the software we recommend you enable the internet search feature to add specific search results for your location. Enabling the internet search When enabled, the internet search is something you will not see as it works transparently in the … Read more

Differences between the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Versions

We are frequently asked if there are any differences between the Perfect Diet Tracker for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. There are no significant differences other than the appearance of the display windows. Windows and Mac OS X tend to place certain items such as the window maximize, close and minimize buttons in different … Read more

Detailed charts & graphs (nutrition, weight & more)

Detailed graphs are available for all the graph previews. Loading the detailed graph window To show a detailed graph click the magnifying icon to the top right of the graph preview. The detailed graph window The detailed graphs window shows detail relevant to the graph you are viewing. To cycle through the default graphs simply … Read more

Tracking progress and viewing results

The Perfect Diet Tracker lets you view, and chart your results so you can see how effective your diet is. Opening the ‘View your results’ window To open the progress report window select the ‘View Results’ button from the main diary. The progress report window The progress report window has three sections, each with its … Read more

Working with the Diet Tracker settings window

You can make changes to your user profile at any time, change your password, update your age, change what is displayed in the diary and more. User Profile Tab To make changes to your user profile, click on the ‘Edit Settings’ button in the main diary. The ‘User Profile’ tab lets you change the following: … Read more

The Food & Exercise Diary

The Perfect Diet diary is the ‘central core’ of the software, this is where most of your time using the software will be spent so it is worth taking a few minutes to go through the available options and learn what each option does. Getting familiar with the diary The diary can be broken down … Read more

Update your results, weight and measurements

You can update your results including your weight and measurements to keep track of your progress. We recommend you update your results on a weekly basis, however, you could update them as frequently as every day, or less often, it’s your choice. Loading the update results window. Click on the update results button in the … Read more