Detailed charts & graphs (nutrition, weight & more)

Detailed graphs are available for all the graph previews.

Loading the detailed graph window

Chart zoom button

To show a detailed graph click the magnifying icon to the top right of the graph preview.

The detailed graph window

Detailed chart / graph window

The detailed graphs window shows detail relevant to the graph you are viewing.

To cycle through the default graphs simply click on the left and right arrows (1).

You can change the date range for the graph using the drop-down selection box to select either fixed periods (for example the last week or month) or custom dates. For custom-dates click on the ‘Change start date’ and ‘Change end date’ links to change the start and end dates for your report.

You can print any of the graphs, and a text report of the data used to create the graph using the print buttons (3).

When you have finished viewing the graphs click the ‘OK’ button to close this screen.

7 thoughts on “Detailed charts & graphs (nutrition, weight & more)”

  1. Hi
    What would be great in the additional graphs and targets section would be body fat functionality. A lot of modern scales include this function and it can be more accurate than measuring weight or showing BMI alone.
    I’ve been adding this info in the notes section.

  2. There is an option to graph body measurements. Where do you enter these in?

  3. No problem!

    If you log in to your user, then click the ‘update results’ button on the left, you will get to the screen where you can enter your weight and measurements.

    If you want to add another measurement to track, e.g. your body fat simply click the ‘+ Add another item to track’ at the bottom, give the new item a name and a value, and you can then track the additional item.

    The results will then show in the table in the ‘view results’ window and can select the ‘Additional graphs’ tab to create a graph of any items you add, or to graph body meaurements.

  4. Hi

    I’ve just started using the trial version but graphs for calories consumed and nutrition profile are not showing. How much data has to be entered before they do? I would like to see the pie chart for nutrition data for each day I fill in the diary …

    Thanks in advance


  5. The pie charts at the base of the diary will adjust as soon as you enter the first food item as they reflect the entries for the currently selected day. All the other graphs require at least two entries to draw, so for example the day to day calorific intake chart or the reports screen will start to draw once you have entered food items on two different days, the weight loss progress chart will show after you update your weight for the first time etc. As you add more data the graphs will get more useful and show your progress.

  6. I would really appreciate it if you would consider adding a feature to your report to allow the user to see averages over the time period selected (e.g., average calories consumed over the last 90 days). The data is there, so it should be an easy add. It would help with adjusting targets. Overall, I enjoy the product very much. Thank you.

  7. Thanks for the suggestion Dan, we have this in our current roadmap and hope to add the feature soon!

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