Tracking progress and viewing results

The Perfect Diet Tracker lets you view, and chart your results so you can see how effective your diet is.

Opening the ‘View your results’ window

View results button

To open the progress report window select the ‘View Results’ button from the main diary.

The progress report window

The progress / report window

The progress report window has three sections, each with its own tab (1).

The summary report shows your weight progress, and will also include any additional fields you have entered information for.
Your current status will be shown, and any notes for the selected weight entry.

Towards the bottom, there are three preview graphs. The left graph shows your current weight progress, the second shows the calories consumed and the last graphs your nutritional items.

Pressing the magnifying glass (2) will load a more detailed graph you can print.

The icons to the top right let you…

1. The pencil icon will let you edit an entry.
2. The delete icon will delete the currently selected entry.
3. The disc icon lets you export your progress to a .csv file.
4. The print icon will print the current report

You can also hover over any icon with the mouse pointer to see what it does.

To update your current weight click on the small icon next to the current weight entry.

Additional graphs

Additional charts are available for anything you choose to track

The second tab lets you create custom graphs. You can create a graph for any item you choose to track in the update results screen.

The items you have chosen to track will be shown at the top of the window, select the items you want to graph, then select a date range for your graph, the type of graph you would like to create, and enter an optional name for the graph.

A preview should then show for the graph, you can then click the ‘Print’ or ‘View’ buttons to enlarge the graph to see more detail or print a copy of the graph.

Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

View your current BMI (Body Mass Index)

The third tab shows your current body mass index or BMI.

The key to this chart is shown along the base of the chart. You can read down from your current position to see your weight in units relevant to your user and across to see your height.

You can therefore see what weight you would need to be for your height to change from one band to another.

2 thoughts on “Tracking progress and viewing results”

  1. I have been attempting to lose weight for months. Pills, diets, programs… nothing worked well! At the end I realised that I needed to change my eating habits and work out. I’m losing a pound a week by eating 500 calories less than I burn every day 🙂

  2. For the record and for new customers, the support has been simply fantastic, proactive & quick! Thank you very much guys. I hope this will be a killer app for diet/fitness for Mac soon.

    I only wish they bring in more feature for tracking fitness related stuffs like their diet managing stuffs. Simply, the app can evolve into from the Perfect Diet Tracker into Perfect Fitness Tracker! Cheers!

    Thanks & Regards

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