Sync your diet diary with multiple computers

With the Perfect Diet Tracker version 3 or later you can automatically keep copies of the Perfect Diet Tracker running on different computers in sync using either a shared drive or the DropBox service.

The computers do not have to be running the same operating system, so you can use the feature keep a Windows PC and Mac perfectly in sync.

Using DropBox and the Internet to keep data in sync

Sync diary data with other computers

DropBox currently offers a free (basic) and paid (pro) service to keep files in sync across multiple computers using your internet connection. Using the DropBox service to keep copies of the Perfect Diet Tracker in sync is easy.

First, click on the ‘edit settings’ button in the diary, then click on the ‘File Options’ tab (1).

Next click on the ‘backup your data’ link to perform a data backup before making any changes.

Finally, click on the ‘Enable DropBox sync’ (2) option, the Perfect Diet Tracker will check to see if you have DropBox installed and if not take you through the setup stages step by step.

Once you have set up DropBox, we recommend after turning a computer on you wait a few seconds to allow DropBox to perform online sync and get details of any changes made on other computers before opening the Perfect Diet Tracker.

Keeping computers in sync using a shared or network drive

Keep diet diary in sync with other computers

To keep your computers in sync using a shared or network drive click on the ‘edit settings’ button in the diary, then click on the ‘File Options’ tab (1) to load the screen shown above.

Next click on the ‘backup your data’ link to perform a data backup before making any changes.

Finally, click on the ‘change’ button (2) and select a folder on your shared or network drive. You data files will be moved to the shared drive, and you can perform this step again on other computers, selecting the same location to let them share the same data files and stay in sync.

If you want to go back to the default file location you can click on the ‘Reset’ button to restore the default settings.

Resolving Sync Conflicts

Resolving sync conflicts

When you add your first computer to the DropBox service it will automatically upload its data to your DropBox.

When adding a second computer because there is already data in your DropBox and on the computer, the software will ask you which copy of the data you want to use. This will also happen if you select a folder on a shared drive, like the DropBox service there will be two sets of data files, the ones in the shared folder and the ones on the computer you are using and the software needs to know which copy of the data files you would like to use.

If your data is up to date on this computer you can select the first option (1) and the software will overwrite the data in your DropBox or shared folder with your current data. All your other ‘synced’ computers will then be updated to use the data on this computer.

If the data in your DropBox or shared folder (the information from the computers already synced) is correct, you should select the second option (2) to sync this computer with the data in your Dropbox account.

12 thoughts on “Sync your diet diary with multiple computers”

  1. Still not appearing to sync.
    Just to be clear….
    I set the path on my computer to use my dropbox.
    My husband sets the path on his computer to use his dropbox.
    do we need to set the path to either his or my drop box?

    I am assuming that we should be able to set path to our own individual drop boxes and then they will sync to each other. Other wise we would be dependent on having the other computer available.

  2. **Updated**

    Hi Laura,

    I’m sorry for any confusion, we have updated our response as apparently this is now possible with the latest DropBox.

    The instructions above assume you a single DropBox account to sync your data between two computers. The diet tracker saves your data on one pc and dropbox will then copy it to the other pc so it is available there. If they do an update on the other pc, the data will be copied back to the first and so on.

    If I understand you correctly you are saying you have two different DropBox accounts, presumably to sync with computers elsewhere and your two computers do not copy files to each other using the same Dropbox account.

    I’m afraid in this case the software will be unable to locate any updated data as DropBox will not have copied it between your computers. It may be worth looking to see if it is possible for DropBox to sync files across accounts as this may be the answer to your particular problem, it is not a scenario we have seen before as most users use a single account to sync data between all their computers, but we will look into this and see what can be done.

    We now have a solution!

    DropBox have a help page available at

    This page runs through the steps needed to link the Perfect Diet Tracker Data folder in your DropBox to another users account, so if you follow the steps the folder should appear in both yours and your husbands separate DropBox accounts, and be kept in sync using their service.

    I hope this helps!

  3. We never used dropbox before. That makes total sense. We just set it up for each of us instead of setting it up with only one of our email addresses. So, you are right, we had 2 accounts. I changed it and now it seems fine. Thanks!

  4. One Dropbox usage caveat: if you have two instances of PDT running and you make changes in both of them, on quit you will get file conflicts which must be resolved manually as Dropbox does not do any kind of smart merging.

  5. Sweet! Just installed it. I’ve had dropbox for sometime. I’m looking forward to see how this will workout for me. This is important as I do my majority of eating at work, then when I’m home on the weekends, it’s important for me to log in my weekend meals. So this looks like a great solution! Thanks so much!

  6. Yes, we are working on Apps for iOS devices at the moment and hope to have them available very soon.

  7. Neither the iPad nor the iPhone have a synch link to dropbox only the desktop version does. Is this going to be added or am i missing something, thanks

  8. The Tracker2Go App currently syncs with a direct wi-fi link, if you select the sync option in the desktop app and Tracker2Go this will let you sync the two apps. We are working on adding dropbox support to Tracker2Go right now.

  9. Will be very happy if T2G can work from the same database files as PDT does – I’ve tried to like T2G, but syncing is just a bit too cumbersome when you’ve been spoiled by dropbox working away in the background doing syncs for you.

  10. Thanks for the feedback Ann Marie. We are working on a dropbox sync (and iCloud too) right now and hope to have this available as a free update very soon. Direct wi-fi sync was chosen for the first sync so it could be used in offices where dropbox is not allowed, but the next sync update will let you choose which method you would like to use to sync your diary.

  11. Hi there, I would like to sync my file but there is no “File Options” tab on the Edit Settings window. I have version 3.10.24 installed on Mac OS 11.1 and 10.15.7 and it does not show on either. Please advise.

  12. That is odd Jeannie. Could you try downloading and installing the latest version directly from our website to see if this helps it sounds like there may be a file permissions issue and re-installing may help. I will ask for a copy of your activation details to be sent to you as well in case you do not have these to hand.

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