Monitoring your Weight Loss Progress

Track Your ProgressThe Perfect Diet Tracker provides all the tools you need to monitor your weight loss, calorie consumption and nutrition.

The following help topics discuss the various options available and show you how to update your results and track your weight loss and nutritional intake.

There are no limits to the number of items you can track so you can customize the software to suit your needs.

View your results

The Perfect Diet Tracker lets you view, and chart your results to help you track your progress and see how effective your diet is.

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Detailed charts and graphs

If you would like to look at your results in more detail or print your graphs you can do so in the detailed graphs window.

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Updating your results

You can update your results including your weight and measurements to keep track of your progress.

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Printing your diary and other reports

The Perfect Diet Tracker lets you print your daily diary and other reports in an easy to read format.

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