Differences between the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Versions

We are frequently asked if there are any differences between the Perfect Diet Tracker for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

There are no significant differences other than the appearance of the display windows.

Windows and Mac OS X tend to place certain items such as the window maximize, close and minimize buttons in different places and we have ensured these buttons are placed where the user would expect to find them on their operating system.

Apart from this, the versions are identical. You can use the backup option in the Windows version of the Perfect Diet Tracker, then restore this back up to the Mac or Linux versions and vice versa, and if you change computer in the future from one platform to another you can take your Perfect Diet Tracker with you.

Most of this help site has been written on a Mac, so the screenshots tend to be from the Mac version, but the Windows version works in exactly the same way.

2 thoughts on “Differences between the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Versions”

  1. Can I purchase a version and use it on my home computer (PC) in the evening and also use it during the day on my office computer a Mac?

  2. Yes, the data format is fully interchangeable between the two platforms, and you can also use the free dropbox service to keep a folder on the two computers in sync so if you place your perfect diet tracker data can be located in that folder, it will keep in sync on both computers.

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