Tracking exercise in the daily diet diary

You can add exercise and activities using the ‘Add exercise’ button found in the quick toolbar, or by searching for your exercise in the main search box.

Option 1 – Let the Perfect Diet Tracker calculate the energy you have used

Add exercise

The easiest way to add an exercise is to let the Perfect Diet Tracker do the calculations for you.

First, select the exercise or activity you would like to add from the list (1), you can change the exercises listed by using the ‘tab bar’.

Next, enter the duration for the exercise (2).

Finally, click the ‘Add this exercise to your diary’ button (3) and the Perfect Diet Tracker will calculate the energy you have used and add this to your diary as a credit.

Option 2 – Add the exercise using your own data

Select the exercise you would like to add,  or add your own custom exercise

If you have an exercise machine that tells you how many calories you have used, you can use option 2 to add your exercise and simply enter a name for the exercise (1) and the calories or kilojoules you have used (2). Finally, click the ‘Add this exercise to your diary’ button (3) to add the exercise credit to your daily diary.


Do not add exercise that you would normally do as part of your daily routine, this should be set in the change goals section (set an appropriate ‘base’ activity level).

You should only add activities that are ‘in addition’ to your base activity level.

How are the exercise credits calculated

The credits are calculated from the type of activity, and your current weight. You may find one user gets a higher exercise credit as they weight more. This is correct as the user with the higher weight will have to use more energy to do the activity.

4 thoughts on “Tracking exercise in the daily diet diary”

  1. How are we able to edit an exercise we add under the ‘add new’ option? It seems that once it is added, we cannot modify our own addition if we mis-key something or want to modify it.

  2. The option should be editable, we will get an engineer to look into this. In the meantime the best option would be to delete the custom exercise and re enter it. Although this is not ideal, it will provide a solution while we investigate.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion Ben, we will see what we can do to add it.

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