Using custom meal names in the diet tracker

You can customise the meal names to suit your own requirements.

Select the meal drop-down box

Select a meal in the food search results screen

Search for a food to add to your diary, then click on the ‘Select meal’ box highlighted above.

Scroll to the bottom and select 'edit meal names'

Scroll to the bottom of the box and select ‘Edit meal names…’

Edit the meal names

Edit meal names

The edit meal names window will be shown, you can now add new meals or change the existing ones.

To change the order the meals are shown in the diary use the up and down arrows (1) to adjust their position in the list.

Add New: Adds a new meal to the list
Delete Selected: Deletes the currently selected meal
Edit Selected: Lets you rename the currently selected meal.
Restore Last: Lets you undo any changes
Restore Defaults: Restores the default meal names.
Save: Saves your settings
Cancel: Closes this window without saving the changes.

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