The ‘File’ menu

The following options are available in the File menu.

Create a new user

Selecting this option will log out the current user, and start the new user wizard so you can add a new user.

Switch user

The switch user menu item will return you to the login screen so a different user can log in.

Log out

Logout will return you to the login screen. If you have a password, we recommend you log out when not using the software.


The print option will open the print window.

You can then select a report to print and the date range for the reports.

Backup your data

This option lets you backup your data. We recommend you backup on a regular basis.

The backup option is also a good way to move the data between computers.

Restore backup file

If you have a backup file you want to restore, this is the option you need to select.

Import new food products

The import new food products lets you import food data files created by other users of the Perfect Diet Tracker.


Selecting quit will close the Perfect Diet Tracker

Reset preferences

The software creates ‘preference files’ as it works to store your preferences, for example, if you wish to use the internet search option or not. You can use this option to reset the preference files so the software reverts to a ‘just installed’ state.

Your diary data will not be affected by this option.

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