The ‘Help’ Menu

The following options are available in the Help menu.

Online Help

Selecting this option in the software will open an internet browser window and load this website.

Buy a license

This option will start your web browser to visit to find out how, and where you can buy a license for the Perfect Diet Tracker software.

Enter registration key

After you have bought the Perfect Diet Tracker you can use this menu item to enter your registration key and activate the full version of the Perfect Diet Tracker software.

For more details on how to register the software please refer to the ‘Registering’ section of this document.


If you would like to contact us, use this menu option to start your web browser visit and view the current support options.

Check for updates

This option will connect the software to the internet and check for available updates.

By checking for updates on a regular basis you can ensure you have the latest version with all available features and the latest food database.

Visit website

This option will start your web browser so you can visit the website.


The ‘about box’ contains information about the Perfect Diet Tracker application, the current version number and credits the people who have made this application possible.

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