The Coffee Diet

The theory behind the coffee diet is that coffee contains caffeine and caffeine can increase your metabolic rate by up to 10%. Increasing your metabolic rate lets you eat more calories and stay the same weight, or if you eat fewer calories than your body needs then you will lose weight.

However, there is a catch. As soon as you start to add milk, creamer, sugar etc your coffee diet goes right out of the window as any calories you may burn as a result of the caffeine effect on your metabolism can easily be used up by the additions.


Diet Success Stories

You cannot go far without reading about amazing diet success stories, stories of fast weight loss with before and after pictures. Unfortunately the claims are not always quite as good as they first appear and many lead you down a road that can only end up in disappointment, having spent your money and possibly endured a difficult diet.

The Perfect Diet Tracker is different. We want all our users to succeed and for us that means to lose weight and keep it off.


Sacred Heart Diet – Diet Information

This article looks at the ‘Sacred Heart Diet’, a soup based diet with fast weight loss claims.

Most ‘miracle’ or fast weight loss diets are designed to make users believe there is some trick behind the rapid weight loss and the Sacred heart diet appears to be no different. If you simply place the suggested ingredients for this diet into the Perfect Diet Tracker it appears to be nothing more complicated than a large reduction in calories, and therefore an unsustainable long term diet.


Dieting and your metabolism

Many people say they have a slow metabolism but do not realize that the dieting habits they believe help them may actually be causing a slow metabolic rate problem and result in slower weight loss.

When considering starting a diet many people are tempted to ‘crash diet’, cutting down on everything they consider to be bad to the absolute basics, seriously restricting calorie intake.


Does calorie counting work?

Calorie counting has been around for a long time and many weight loss programs state their diet ‘will only help as part of a calorie controlled diet’. These few words are often overlooked, they blend into the background while the larger weight loss claims grab your attention, however without the inclusion of a calorie controlled diet the success of the latest new super diet is often compromised.