Perfect Diet Tracker for Linux – Now free

The Perfect Diet Tracker for Linux is now available free, no charge, no limits, no restrictions. You will not be asked to enter a key code, just download the diet tracker v3.10.17 or later and it will start up without asking you to register. Simply free diet software for Linux (including Ubuntu and Mint).

Free Linux Diet Software

Why are we doing this? Honestly, 99% of our users currently use Windows or Mac OS X computers, so this has very little effect on our bottom line. Linux users are used to free software, it is at the core of the very nature of the operating system and charging Linux users is not working. We would like to increase our user base on Linux and this seems the logical path forward.

Due to the diversity of Linux systems, we cannot guarantee the app will work on every distro, but we test on Ubuntu and Mint and include both a 32 and 64-bit version of the app in the free download.

We do still have to make an income to continue to develop and maintain the software so we cannot expand this offer to Windows and Mac OS X, but we hope some Linux users will perhaps like the software and choose to sync between their Linux computers and other operating systems and purchase a license to allow this. Perhaps some will tell their friends about the app, we hope there will be some benefits for both our customers and us from this move.

If you use Windows or Mac OS X please don’t feel left out, we have also recently expanded our existing paid licenses to allow use on up to five computers and discounted the existing price until the end of the year. We continue to update the software with the latest version 3.10.17 currently rolling out.

Our only caveat with the free Linux version is we do have to offer priority support to our customers with licenses so if you do contact us please allow a little longer for a reply, but we will get back to you.

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