Diet Tracker Version 3.10.20 Update Available

Version 3.10.20 of the Perfect Diet Tracker is now available for download directly from our website. This update improves the performance of the app, improves the core food database, contains a few small bug fixes and helps add support for future operating system updates and versions. Link to Download Perfect Diet Tracker Software Update Why … Read more

Perfect Diet Tracker for Linux – Now free

The Perfect Diet Tracker for Linux is now available free, no charge, no limits, no restrictions. You will not be asked to enter a key code, just download the diet tracker v3.10.17 or later and it will start up without asking you to register. Simply free diet software for Linux (including Ubuntu and Mint). Why … Read more

Dieting and your metabolism

Many people say they have a slow metabolism but do not realize that the dieting habits they believe help them may actually be causing a slow metabolic rate problem and result in slower weight loss.

When considering starting a diet many people are tempted to ‘crash diet’, cutting down on everything they consider to be bad to the absolute basics, seriously restricting calorie intake.