Which Versions of Mac OS/ OS X are Supported

With the release of Mac OS Sonoma, we thought we would update you on our progress on the compatibility of the Perfect Diet Tracker and all Mac OS and OS X systems. Due to updates, we have to make to support all the features in OS X Big Sur, the next release of the Perfect … Read more

Tried & Tested with Mac OS X Sonoma

The latest version of the Perfect Diet Tracker has been tried and tested with the latest Mac OS X release, OS X 14 Sonoma.

If you are an existing customer and have not updated for a while, you may be shown a message saying the software in incompatible. Don’t worry, download the latest version from our website or the App Store and you will be good to go!

As usual, this is a free update for all existing users, there are no additional charges or monthly subscriptions.

Mac OS X Big Sur Diet Software

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Dieting and your metabolism

Many people say they have a slow metabolism but do not realize that the dieting habits they believe help them may actually be causing a slow metabolic rate problem and result in slower weight loss.

When considering starting a diet many people are tempted to ‘crash diet’, cutting down on everything they consider to be bad to the absolute basics, seriously restricting calorie intake.