Tracking your diet over Christmas

Christmas comes round every year and research shows the search for diet recipes increases in December and more than doubles in January.

Here at Byoni Lifestyle, we think this is a great time of the year. You should be able to enjoy the festive season, safe in the knowledge that if you do gain a few pounds you can easily lose it again without having to resort to low-fat recipes or traditional diet food.

Christmas dinner, office parties etc should be something you should look forward to and enjoy without the guilt of ‘I shouldn’t have’, or they turn to Google to search for diet recipes and subsequent cabbage soup or other crash diets in the new year.

Perfect Diet Tracker Food Tracking Diary

Forget diet recipes,  find a perfect diet for life

When we talk about the perfect diet and a diet for life some people switch off immediately,  after all, who wants to be on a diet for the rest of their life!  However, this is where we are misunderstood as the word ‘diet’ often implies diet recipes or specific diet food.

When we talk about a perfect diet for life we mean finding a group of foods that you can live with on a daily basis,  foods you like to eat but foods that will help you lose weight. Everyones ‘perfect diet’ will be different as we all like different things,  the software simply helps you find your ideal diet for life.

How can the Perfect Diet Tracker help at Christmas?

There are times of the year,  such as Christmas when we know your diet will probably slip.  We won’t ask you to stand in front of a group of people and say you had one glass too many at the office party,  or make you feel guilty for that extra mince pie. It’s your choice.

What we suggest is you track your diet as usual over the festive period but reduce your weight loss target to give yourself an extra 500 calories a day for treats.

On special days such as Christmas day or office parties when you know, it will be difficult to maintain your diet take a day off.  Don’t go mad,  but enjoy yourself.

If you were to analyse what you ate later you may find you consumed 2,000,  or even 3,000 calories more than usual that day,  but since there are 3,500 calories in 1lb of fat,  this would mean a weight gain of 1lb.

If you did this on a couple of days but stuck with the diet for the rest of the week then you may gain 1-2lbs over the holiday period which would be easy enough to lose in the first week of January without the need to resort to traditional diets and diet recipes.

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