Support for Mac OS X Catalana

The latest version of the Perfect Diet Tracker is now a fully-fledged 64-bit application and works with the latest Mac OS X release, Catalana (and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows).

We have also tried the diet tracker with the latest Mac OS X Big Sur Beta and anticipate no problems when this is released later in the year by Apple.

As usual, this is a free update for all existing users, simply download the latest version from this website or if you purchased from the Mac App Store login to the store and it will update your app for you.

How you can help us:

The Perfect Diet Tracker is a one off purchase, usually costing less than most other services charge per month. We therefore rely on new customers for revenue to continue delevlopment.

If you are enjoying the software, please leave us a review (Mac App Store). If you have a suggestion do contact us and let us know.

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