Personal License now includes up to five computers

The personal license for the Perfect Diet Tracker has been updated to now include use on up to five computers you personally own (previously two). This means with a personal license available from this website you can now install and run the diet tracker on up to five computers. This can be a mix of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers and you can keep these computers in sync using any file sharing service.

When we refer to ‘use’ we like to use the analogy of a book, you may have dozens of diet books but can only read a few at a time. In the same way, you could have the diet tracker software installed on ten computers, but as long as it is only actively used on up to five at the same time this is not a problem. We hope this increased limit will cover even the most active user.

Orders for the diet tracker app placed on the Mac App Store are still covered by the Apple license which allows you to install the app on any Mac you personally own but does not include Windows or Linux computers. If you would like to upgrade your Mac App Store license to a full cross-platform personal license please contact us.

Thanks for your continued support!

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