The Coffee Diet

Coffee Diet Information

The coffee diet is the title of a book written by John D Greene.

The theory behind the coffee diet is that coffee contains caffeine and caffeine can increase your metabolic rate by up to 10%. Increasing your metabolic rate lets you eat more calories and stay the same weight, or if you eat fewer calories than your body needs then you will lose weight.

However, there is a catch. As soon as you start to add milk, creamer, sugar etc your coffee diet goes right out of the window as any calories you may burn as a result of the caffeine effect on your metabolism can easily be used up by the additions.

There are also other factors to consider that can be caused by increased coffee intake such as dehydration, discoloured teeth, bad breath, insomnia and increased anxiety.

Tracking the coffee diet and the Perfect Diet Tracker

You can easily incorporate the coffee diet into your Perfect Diet Tracker diary. Simply add any coffee you drink to the software and it will add these to your daily intake.

If the claims made by the author of this diet are true, then you may find an increased weight loss, but if the coffee diet does nothing for you then you can still lose weight with the software.

If you do add sugar or milk to your coffee, you can keep track of those too so you can see if they do outweigh the possible effects of the coffee intake.

Other ways to increase your metabolic rate

If you took two people with similar build and weight, the person with a higher metabolic rate could consume more food without gaining weight than the person with a lower metabolic rate.

So, how could the person with the lower rate increase their metabolism? The coffee diet would certainly be one option, however, the real long term key is to increase your exercise levels and build muscle. While resting every pound of fat in your body uses around 2 calories, while every pound of muscle uses around 6 calories, so even when doing nothing, muscles are using more calories.

Simply increasing your exercise levels a little, doing a little more housework or taking a short brisk walk each day can help you increase your muscle mass and increase your metabolism.

You can also track the additional exercise in the Perfect Diet Tracker and use the extra calories towards your daily allowance, so just doing that little bit more is a win-win situation, great for the short term, and for the long term.

The Coffee Diet Excerpt

Google makes the following excerpt available from the Coffee Diet book.

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