Perfect Diet Tracker new free trial options

Version 3.4.01 of the Perfect Diet Tracker is now available and expands the options available to trial users.

In previous versions of the diet tracker, users had a full unrestricted seven-day trial to see how the software works. After the trial ended the software could only be used if a license was purchased.

Some users asked if we could extend the free trial as they downloaded and installed the software but did not get a chance to try it in the first week. When they came to use the software a few weeks later the trial had expired and the software could not be used without buying a registration key.

What’s changed?

The good news is the full seven-day trial remains so all new users can have a full seven-day trial, free of any restrictions.

The changes come at the end of the trial when the Perfect Diet Tracker now switches to a more traditional trial where there are feature restrictions such as a maximum number of items that can be added to the daily diary.

These changes let you continue to try the software to see if it works for you but as a more traditional restricted trial version.

If you have downloaded the Perfect Diet Tracker in the past but did not get a chance to use the trial before it expired, why not download the latest version now and give it another go?

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