Perfect Diet Tracker v3.4.0.3 update available

Version of the Perfect Diet Tracker is now available for download from our software updates and download pages.

What’s new in this update?

This update enhances performance on computers that are not connected to the internet but have the internet search option enabled.

When the software notices you are no longer connected to the net, it now enters an ‘offline’ mode and all internet food searches are disabled instead of attempting the internet search each time. This only affects computers where the user has enabled the internet search feature, and the computer is subsequently offline, a typical scenario is a laptop used at home and away, this performance increase will affect the computer while ‘away’.

An additional option has been added to the options menu so you can also force the offline state, or take the software back online.

Any suggestions?

If you have any suggestions for the software you would like to see in future releases please let us know!

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