Perfect Diet Tracker v3.4 update available

Version 3.4.0 of the Perfect Diet Tracker is now available for download from our software updates and download pages.

What’s new in this update?

The food product database has been expanded to over 72,500 items, this number continues to grow daily. We have staff working on both new additions and updates to the food database to maintain the quality of the database.

Why the jump from 3.3.x.x to 3.4.x.x?

Simply to avoid confusion.

Code has been added in version 3.4 to handle the new license options due to be released later this week. These new license options will require version 3.4 to work and rather than confuse users with ‘this version requires version or later’ we have moved to the next clear release level, version 3.4.

Any suggestions?

If you have any suggestions for the software you would like to see in future releases please let us know!

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