Is your new years resolution to lose some weight?

We would like to wish all our users a happy new year!

We hope you have had a great Christmas and New Year.

It’s that time again where everyone’s thoughts turn to new years resolutions, maybe stopping smoking or losing a bit of weight.

Whilst we can’t help with smoking, we can certainly help with a plan to lose some weight!

Free update for existing users

If you already have a copy of the Perfect Diet Tracker you may not be aware that updates to version 3 are free of charge.

We have worked hard on the software and added a host of new and exciting features. ┬áIf you use the ‘check for updates’ option in your copy of the diet tracker you can make sure you are up to date and are getting the best from the software.

Are you new to the Perfect Diet Tracker?

If you have not tried the software, why not give the free test drive a try?

We offer a free trial as many users had not even considered the idea of using diet software to lose weight. It is a genuine catch-free offer, all you have to lose is a little weight during the trial and you can see how diet software can work for you!

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