Tested on Mac OS X El Capitan

With the latest version of the Mac OS X, ‘El Capitan’ now available from Apple as a beta download for customers, we can confirm the Perfect Diet Tracker has been tried and tested on this new version of OS X.

If you purchased the app through the Mac App Store everything should ‘just work’ for you as you would expect from a Mac.

If you purchased directly from us we recommend you upgrade to the latest release to use all the new features in the new OS.

El Capitan (like Yosemite, Mavericks and Mountain Lion before it) has an additional security feature called ‘Gatekeeper’ designed to protect you. Without getting too technical this feature means older versions of the Perfect Diet Tracker may display a warning to say they are not signed while the latest version has all the appropriate permissions and signatures so this warning will not occur.

We therefore recommend if you upgrade to the last version of OS X, you also update to the latest version of the Perfect Diet Tracker at the same time.

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