Perfect Diet Tracker now available on the Mac App Store

Mac App Store

The Perfect Diet Tracker is now available in the Mac App Store, so if you have a Mac running Snow Leopard or later you can now buy the software through the store.

Both the Perfect Diet Tracker available through the Mac App Store and here have identical features, however, there are currently three key differences:

1. Trial Version

The Mac App Store does not support trial versions, so if you would like to try the software before buying you can download the trial from our website.

If you then decide to buy you can either buy from within the trial and activate that version, or if you want to buy through the App Store simply drag the trial from your Applications folder to your trash to delete it, then buy a full copy from the App Store.

2. The update notification system.

The App Store has its own update system, so if you buy through the App store it will tell you when updates are available and let you install them.

If you buy from this website (or from within the trial version) the software will let you know when updates are available, or you can check for updates manually using the option in the help menu.

3. Mac App Store Licensing

The Apple Mac App Store has a different license structure suited to the latest Mac operating system.

The Mac App Store license lets you install the software on up to five Apple Mac computers. To use the App Store and install the app these computers you need to be using the Snow Leopard operating system. You cannot install and use the software on Windows systems, Macs running older versions of OS X or Linux if you buy through the Mac App Store.

We have two licenses available on this website, the personal license lets you install the software on up to two computers, while the family license lets you install it on up to eight computers. These computers can be any mix of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers.

Mac App Store Pricing

Due to the difference in the software licensing, the price of the personal and family licenses available on this website and the license available the Mac App Store may be different. If you have a Mac running Snow Leopard and do not intend using the software on an older Mac or Windows system we recommend you look at both the App Store and the purchase page to compare prices before buying.

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