Perfect Diet Tracker for Microsoft Windows

Diet diary for Windows. Add food & exercise. Let the software keep track of your calories.

Lose weight and keep it off

Whatever version of Windows you have installed on your computer, the Perfect Diet Tracker app can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Designed to be very easy to use, and tried and test with all versions of Windows released in the past 15 years (including Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7 & 10), the Perfect Diet Tracker makes keeping track of your daily food and exercise a breeze.

Why not download the free trial version of the app and see how it can work for you?

Free trial, no catches!

We are so confident the diet tracker is the best diet app available for your computer we offer a full seven day free trial.

The free trial is exactly that, a free trial with no catches. We don’t ask you for an phone number, email address or credit card. You remain completely anonymous and you are free to use all sections of the software, nothing is off limits.

It’s a great way to try the software so you can see how it can work for you.

If at any point in the trial you decide to buy the app you can simply unlock the trial version and keep all the information you have entered so far.

Want to know more?

We believe the Perfect Diet Tracker is the perfect diet app for your PC, but is it the perfect diet to help you lose weight?

We have a ‘more information‘ web page with (as the name suggests!) more information about the way in which the Perfect Diet Tracker works to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Windows Screenshots

Whilst the trial is by far the best way to see how the software works, we have taken ‘screenshots’ of most of the screens in the software so you can see how different sections work.

The software is based around a main diary where you track what you eat. You can add to the diary from the extensive food and exercise databases, and monitor your weight loss in the reporting sections.

Above all however, the software is designed to be easy to use!

View the screenshots.

Download the free trial…

Download the Perfect Diet Tracker free trial for Windows

The food diary makes it easy to keep track of what you eat. Windows screenshot.

Set a custom nutritional profile, or use a preset diet option. Windows screenshot.

Track your weight loss results and progress. Windows screenshot.

How much does the Perfect Diet Tracker cost?

Nobody wants to start a free trial only find the software is the perfect solution but then too expensive or has hidden costs!

With the Perfect Diet Tracker you don’t need to worry, the software is very affordable, look at the current prices below.

As the Perfect Diet Tracker runs on your computer, the purchase is a one-off, single transaction with no monthly subscriptions or extra payments required to unlock additional features. You will receive an activation code that can be used to unlock the trial version.