Perfect Diet Tracker for Apple Mac

Top Selling weight loss application on the Mac App Store

The Perfect Diet Tracker is now available for OS X on the Mac App Store.

The Perfect Diet Tracker has consistently taken the top spot for the best selling diet software application available on the Mac App Store over the past 10 years, keeping up to date with the latest Mac operating system updates and food diary tracking methods.

Over and above this achievement, at the time of writing the Perfect Diet Tracker is consistently in the top 5 selling apps in the entire App Store Health & Fitness category in the United States, Canada, UK and Australia and in the top 5 in most other countries worldwide.

We believe this is simply because the Perfect Diet Tracker is the best diet app available for the Mac, bar none!

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Designed and written using Macs

The Perfect Diet Tracker is not only been designed to work perfectly on your Mac, it is actually written by us using Mac computers.

Byoni made the switch to using Macs when OS X was first released and we have not looked back. We believe using Macs gives us the capability to produce software that is simply better for all platforms including both Mac and Windows computers, and more recently Linux and mobile devices as well.

Tried and tested

We try and test the Perfect Diet Tracker on all supported versions of OS X including the OS X. Catalina and Big Sur, new M1 macs running Monterey while maintaining support for older systems such as OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, Tiger and Snow Leopard.

When we are happy we then send a copy to Apple for their review prior to publication on the Mac App Store.

It is a very thorough process and ensures (as you would expect as a Mac user) that everything ‘just works’.

Want to know more?

We have a ‘more information‘ web page with (as the name suggests!) more information about the way in which the Perfect Diet Tracker works to help you lose weight and keep it off.


We have taken ‘screenshots‘ of most of the screens in the App so you can see how different sections work.

The software is based around a main diary where you track what you eat. You can add to the diary from the extensive food and exercise databases, and monitor your weight loss in the reporting sections.

Above all however, the software is designed to be easy to use!

Click here to view the screenshots.

Mac OS X daily food tracking diary. Let the software count the calories for you.
Food Diary
Use your Mac to quickly search for foods to add to your diary.
Comprehensive Food Database
Track your weight loss progress, nutrition and calories.
Monitor your Progress