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Buy the Perfect Diet Tracker now and save #DISCOUNT#

You can save money by buying a full unlock code for the software before the free trial period expires.

It is always tempting to start your diet ‘tomorrow’, we hope this discount will encourage you to try the software today. The discount reduces by 5% each day so the sooner you start the free trial the more you can save!

Personal Users

Buy the Perfect Diet Tracker now (secure order) with a debit or credit card or using a PayPal account. If you would like to change the currency for your payment click on the appropriate flag.

You will receive an activation code on completion of your order so you can use the full version of the software immediately.

Corporate & Educational Licensing

If you are interesting in using diet tracking software in a commercial environment please contact our sales office to discuss your requirements.

Please note use of the personal licenses is not permitted in a commercial environment.

Questions and answers

Are there any additional subscription costs?

NO. There are absolutely no additional costs.

There are no repeat subscriptions, no club memberships and no ‘extras’ needed to make full use of the software. You do not need to pay more to gain access to the food database or monitor additional users.

Is the online order process secure?

Yes, our approved online provider (Paypal) use secure servers to process your order.

We have chosen Paypal to handle our online sales as they are recognised by almost anyone who have purchased products online and provides a reliable and secure online purchase and delivery system. You can pay using an existing Paypal account, or by debit or credit card.

Can I buy through the Mac App Store?

Yes, the Perfect Diet Tracker is available for purchase through the Mac App Store. If you buy through the Mac App Store you will only be able to install the software on Apple Mac computers.

Licenses available on this website are full cross-platform licenses so you can use the software on Windows, Mac or Linux computers.

How long will it take before I get full access to the software?

Orders are processed in ‘real time’.

After you complete your order you will get an email with a username and activation code and details of how to enter this into the software to activate the full version of the Perfect Diet Tracker.

Do I need a different license for the Windows, Mac or Linux version?

An unlock key for all versions of the software will be included in your activation email. If you change your computer in the future you will be able to use the same key, even if you swap from Windows to Mac or vic-versa.

What payment types are accepted?

All orders are now processed by Paypal. They accept all major credit and debit cards, and of course Paypal accounts.

How is my information handled?

Once you click the ‘buy it now’ link you will be taken to a secure order page where you can purchase the software.

You will then be able to view the privacy policy and terms of sale for that retailer.